Cheryl Rhode, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker #25865


4545 Post Oak Place
Suite 370

Houston, TX 77027

  1. (713)327-8167

I work with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction and other mental and emotional conditions, as well as friends and family of individuals with chronic mental illness. I can assist with support, coping skills, managing guilt and shame, and helping you to create or maintain safe, healthy, positive relationships with the people in your life with mental illness. When appropriate, I collaborate with other mental health professionals in the community who provide services such as assessments for medication, residential treatment programs and nutritional counseling. 

I help people understand, identify, and manage behaviors that have an adverse impact on life. This can include use of a substance like alcohol and other drugs, foods and addictive behavior. It can also relate to patterns in how we manage stress, relationships, and daily tasks. When addressing addiction, chemical dependency, and changing habits and behaviors, I employ both harm reduction and abstinence based techniques to work towards increasing healthy and stable lifestyles. I also offer supportive psychotherapy for people who are taking medication for opiate withdrawal.

Managing Addiction and Changing Habits

I am a sexuality- and gender-affirming therapist, and I strive to help all people increase their comfort with sexuality, acknowledge sexual diversity, and identify and embrace personal sexual identities. I provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for a wide range of sexualities, including people in the LGBT spectrum, gender fluidity, non-monogamy, sex work and BDSM. I also focus on providing non-sexuality based psychotherapy services to individuals in these communities. I believe it is important to acknowledge and communicate about who we are in all areas in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Sexuality and Gender Identification

I have extensive experience in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and individuals with recent or historical experience with traumatic events. I focus on a holistic approach to trauma recovery and grief resolution, helping clients feel secure, stable, and able to accomplish tasks in the present day, as well as working towards understanding and resolving specific and general emotions and situations from the past.

Trauma and Grief Recovery


In collaboration with my colleague, Andrew Krieger LMSW, LCDC,  I facilitate structured interventions to assist families and concerned others in encouraging people with chemical dependency to recover.  Intervention is a process designed to empower significant others to effectively confront the individual with the goal of recognizing their drinking or drug use is a problem and accepting help.   In addition to clinical experience in mental health,   Andrew and I have extensive experience working with people who are chemically dependent.