Cheryl Rhode, LCSW


I maintain a core belief that supportive psychotherapy and psychological services should be available for individuals from a wide range of economic circumstances. I understand that privilege and oppression can impact income and costs, and I strive to recognize and address this in my practice.


One way that I do this is by maintaining a sliding fee scale. I have set aside a number of spaces in my schedule to accommodate individuals with low income or specific need. If you have questions about determining your fee, please call me for more information. I can also provide referrals if we cannot create an alternative fee schedule. 

I accept cash or check payment options.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker #25865


4545 Post Oak Place
Suite 370

Houston, TX 77027

  1. (713)327-8167

I accept a number of insurance plans either as an in-network provider or out of network. When choosing to use an insurance plan to help pay for therapy and other mental health services, there are several factors to keep in mind. Most insurance plans require a mental health diagnosis, and maintain some types of access to treatment records.  Using insurance plans can allow access to needed therapeutic support, and I will work with you to ensure that your confidentiality is maintained as well as possible. If you have additional questions about the insurance process, feel free to ask. We can also discuss this in our first appointment.


If I am not contracted with your insurance company, I will work with your insurance when possible and either  file a claim or provide you an itemized receipt for services for you to submit to your insurance company.